From a very young age, Tyler Rapke has been fascinated by the human body and amazed by the power of human touch. She felt a strong calling to be of service to others and to help ease their pain and suffering in the most impactful way possible. When it came time to choose her career, she found massage therapy to be the path that led her to a place where she could facilitate healing in those that sought her touch. Practicing massage has brought more joy and fulfillment to her life than she ever knew was possible.

Tyler was born and raised in Paonia, Colorado and received her massage therapy education at Crestone Healing Arts Center in Crestone, Colorado. She found her home here in Montana and feels very blessed to be able to offer the people of this beautiful state the care that they deserve.

She specializes in deep tissue massage and loves working with people who are suffering from injuries, chronic pain, and bone and joint degradation of a wide variety.  She uses accumulated knowledge to facilitate customized treatments that enables each person who receives a massage from her to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Tyler is passionate about her career in reducing the pain and stress of others and her work speaks for itself in that each person who comes to her space leaves feeling better than when they came.

When she is not doing massage, you can find Tyler outdoors with her husband hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, or rock climbing.